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Zanimivi zadetki: 13
Vpisani bankovci: 4 222
Razmerje zadetkov: 1 : 324.77

Včlanjen: 2004-05-31
Zadnji vpisani bankovec: 2018-01-09 20:16:47

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Mednarodna lestvica: 4 624
Državna lestvica: 35
Krajevna lestvica: 8

Dutch student in Amsterdam.

This tenner was my first hit , from an entry made when I was still a 'Dutch student in Berlin'. It was a nice day and I remember feeling a bit uneasy about paying for an icecream with a 50 Euro bill (possibly this one). The tenner was part of the change I got and it most likely got spent at the Biergarten im Viktoriapark, Kreuzberg (other change from the Eissalon are these notes: 20, 10, 5). Und zis one made it all ze way to Duisburg. Geil.

My second hit was this one, an anonymous tenner from the anynomous atm in the anonymous street where I lived at the time (probably withdrawn together with this anonymous tenner). Not quite as specific as remembering getting change on a hot day.

And there it is: number three. And what's more: it's a hit with the Queen Mother (responsible for over 10% of bills entered in the Netherlands. I got the bill at Captain Zeppo's, a bar in Amsterdam where I paid the bill and then got fivers (the other fiver) from the others at the table.

I got my fourth hit from an ATM in Amsterdam, together with this bill.

Nr. 5. Alas, no recollection of the occasion.