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:. Sledi svojim evro bankovcem od 1. januarja 2002

:. Poročilo o uporabniku (Flag for Nemčija Jetzt ist Schluss)

Zanimivi zadetki: 161
Vpisani bankovci: 18 324
Razmerje zadetkov: 1 : 113.81

Včlanjen: 2010-12-10
Zadnji vpisani bankovec: 2019-05-28 17:32:54

Jetzt ist Schluss je povezan z 103 drugim uporabnikom.

Mednarodna lestvica: 1 383
Državna lestvica: 362
Krajevna lestvica: 2

Are cleaning girls sleeping?? This is a non-exhaustive list of fakers and hits-hackers. What I call hits-hackers are people which avoid automatic hit moderation mixing and/or splitting bundles by entering them on several days.

Fakers (User-ID#, reason):
H.i.n.t.i. (116495, location faking), Paulzab (73054, entering lists of notes from friends and family but probably never had the notes in the hands and never be in the city where he enters them), 640LL (187398, location faking), Suske8 (145609, location faking), henwal41 (98779, location faking + extrapolating serial numbers), la.star.du.web (165909, location faking + extrapolating serial numbers), Su59069 (92321, location faking), P€ÑÐ¥£ (166582 - location faking),...

Hits-hackers (User-ID#):
Moise (38700), H.i.n.t.i. (116495), Suske8 (145609), eurobillfinder (138802), leevi60 (193229, and probably friendly hits with the next one), Peki65 (169820), essel (178901), pluheaVen (200049), InDUS (165364), P€ÑÐ¥£ (166582), LArdennais (1275), MaxVR (129191), flv-fgsp (99472), 640LL (187398), theodejo (4330), Ich & Friends (191767), an-148 (55064), eurostyle (130336), mig4€uro (100833), kla·po·tec (40306), semenko (170864), MDeen (5237),...

Dear fakers/hits-hackers, I am not responsible for your behaviour. If your name stands on this (these) list(s), that´s not a coincidence. Do you want me to delete your name? Change your behaviour and ask the cleaning girls to clean up your enterings (moderations/deletions). If your name stands on both lists, I recommend you to quit EBT.

Edit 29th April, 2019: Dear EBT-Team, I let you until the 31st of May, 2019 to take action against hits-hackers, fakers and other friendly-hitters (ex: Wimpy2005 (182139) with Karin62 (184002), Rixbelgier (186450) with eurofos (175300), with corsafahrer939 (168534),...). If you don´t, I´ll stop to enter notes. Why should I like to make statistics about my notes travels with all these people which are faking?? That´s make no sense!

Do not hope too much to find my notes. I´ve only entered about 6600 Europa notes. I´m done with EBT.